Roadrunner Email

Roadrunner Email

Simple Steps To forwarding The Outlook Account Mail To Roadrunner Mail Account

Roadrunner Mail is one of the prevalent mailing services used by millions of people. Furthermore, apart from Spectrum Internet, it is one of the most widely used offerings of Charter Communication. Moreover, people switch from their old mail to RR for its unique and distinctive features. Moreover, Roadrunner Email provides users with easy access and a straightforward application. In addition, mail communication users often forward their other email addresses to Roadrunner Mail due to various reasons. Therefore, if you are looking to forward your existing email to RR Email, let’s say, for example, Outlook Account Mail to Roadrunner Mail. You can follow the below directions some the same.

Additionally, using RR makes it very simple to activate the forward feature. You must go to login and input your username and password in order to activate the service. Furthermore, thanks to the new Microsoft Outlook update, it is now easier to forward Outlook Account Mail to Roadrunner Mail. Henceforth, following the straightforward instructions, you can quickly receive all the messages sent to your Roadrunner mail account from

How To Forward Emails From Outlook Account Mail To Roadrunner Mail?

  • You must first set up your Outlook mail on
  • Next, tap on the Gear icon from the login window.
  • Users will find the settings page right here. After that, click on the “Personal mail and app settings” option.
  • Select “Mail” from the list of categories, then select “Forwarding.”
  • Next, choose “Start forwarding” from the menu.
  • Enter the Roadrunner Email address in the following window to start receiving messages and emails to your Roadrunner Mail account.
  • By selecting the option to “Keep the original copy stored,” you can also keep the copy of the message that was sent to
  • Lastly, to confirm settings click on “Save.”

How To Forward Particular Emails From Outlook.Com To My Rr Address?

Emails From Outlook.Com To My Rr Address

On, the requirements for forwarding particular messages or from specific email addresses must be met before you may create an email address for it.

  • Start by navigating to mail and selecting “Settings.”
  • Check the mailbox rules under the ‘Automatic processing’ tab.
  • Now, click to type the filter’s name into the inbox field.
  • Users can keep any distinctive name for their filter.
  • After checking the requirements, select the emails you need to forward to the appropriate email address. The conditions need to be met by
  • Choose the option that best suits your preferences.
  • You will be taken to the next page, where you must input information about the address where you want to receive mail.
  • To authenticate the account, enter your Roadrunner mail email address and password.
  • Follow the instructions below if you wish to exclude any messages or mail that meet the criteria:
    • Tap to add an exception.
    • Choose the specific item.
    • Choose the circumstance.
    • You are now required to choose Sensitivity. Tap “Private” from the selection if you wish to make the messages private.
    • Select “Save.”

All of this has to do with how to forward Outlook mail to Roadrunner mail. After following the instructions, we hope you will be successful.


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